Sergey A. Shipunov

щелкните, и изображение увеличится

Founder of the University of Rhetoric and the Art of Oratory.

The author and lead instructor of all five levels of the course called “Charismatic Public Speaking”:

  • Level 1: Verbal Improvisation
  • Level 2: Video Training on “Working in Different Genres”
  • Level 3: Effective Presentation
  • Level 4: Visual Presentation (Infographics)
  • Level 5: Championship in Public Speaking

Sergey Shipunov is also the author of the following training courses:

  • Working with Objections or “Verbal Aikido”
  • The Use of Visual Technologies in the Process of Working with Information
  • The Art of Negotiations
  • Training Courses for Instructors


Sergey Shipunov began his work as an Instructor of Public Speaking in 1997. He has trained more than 5,000 people. He has conducted seminars in over 40 cities throughout Russia and CIS.

Sergey Shipunov is the Manager of the Training Courses for Licensed Instructors Program. The Program is based on his methodology innovations. He has trained more than 350 instructors who now use his copyrighted programs (in Russia).

щелкните, и изображение увеличится Sergey Shipunov is the author of a number of publications on oratory skills and practical psychology.

Sergey’s book, Charismatic Public Speaking, was published in December 2007. In 2017 a seven edition of the book came out.

In December 2009 the first edition of the book Charismatic Public Speaking was published in English.

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