Arch Tait

щелкните, и изображение увеличится


Arch Tait learned Russian at Latymer Upper School, London; Trinity Hall, Cambridge; and Moscow State University. He has a Ph.D. in Russian literature from Cambridge and began translating in earnest in 1986 after a meeting with Valentina Jacques, then editor of the magazine Soviet Literature.

From 1993 he was the UK editor of the Glas New Russian Writing translation series, whose editor-in-chief was Valentina's successor, Natasha Perova.

To date he has translated 17 books, 35 short stories, and 30 articles by most of the leading Russian writers of today. His most recent translations are Anna Politkovskaya's Nothing But the Truth, Roman Senchin’s novel, Minus, and Alexander Dolgin’s The Economics of Symbolic Exchange.


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