щелкните, и изображение увеличится

Andrei A. Pligin

  • The founder and scientific director of the NLP Center in Education
  • Founder of the Center of Business Technologies; a business consultant
  • International class instructor on NLP (he has been conducting trainings since 1992)
  • Doctor of Psychological Science
  • The author of more than 30 articles on business, psychology, and education, several scientific and methodology collections, and four books.

To everyone who is interested in developing the ability to win the hearts of people through words, oratorical skill, and the power of speaking, it is with pleasure that I recommend the book by Sergey Shipunov, Charismatic Public Speaking.

I am absolutely convinced that the ability to speak well is essential to any modern day person, and especially to leaders of various organizations and groups.

Indeed, many of the world’s greatest businessmen, artists, researchers, project developers, and book authors have been able to share their experiences, wisdom, and talent only because they possessed a high level of oratorical skill, without which their ideas would remain unheard.

Usually, people think that charisma, especially in the art of oratory, is a gift that comes from somewhere above. And the book, in my opinion, clearly shows that it is not so. Using the book proves well a simple rule of learning: everything that is practiced, develops!

This publication is well structured. It has very readable, understandable language, a clear, easy to understand, precise structure, and explains how to develop key public speaking skills.

The book is interesting because it combines several areas: performing arts, artistic word, rhetoric, the art of debates and controversy, construction of argument… And all of this together makes it unique.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to a wider audience.

I'm sure you will get a lot of pleasure from its methodicalness, simplicity, usefulness, and elegance!

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