щелкните, и изображение увеличится

Dmitry Aksyonov

  • Business coach and author of a series of trainings on the development of a writer's talent (writing books, articles, speeches)
  • Journalist (he has written about 1,500 articles in 9 years)
  • Author of 8 books on applied psychology.

I know the ropes of book writing, and Sergey Shipunov’s book Charismatic Public Speaking has become a textbook for me.

Teaching my book writing course, I show this book to my students as an example of a book that "speaks to the reader." It is not lecturing, not teaching, but actually “speaking to its reader.” It communicates. It becomes a friend. It helps.

Such books in the world very rare. And I am glad that I managed “to catch” one of them.

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