щелкните, и изображение увеличится

Nikolay I. Kozlov

  • Director of the training center “Synton”
  • Author and developer of "Synton Program” and the business program “Business Standard” (he has been conducting various trainings since 1984)
  • Co-chairman of the International Association of Personal Growth
  • Doctor of Psychological Sciences, corresponding member of RANS
  • Russia's leading writer in the field of practical psychology (circulation of books in Russia is more than 11,000,000 copies)

Sergey Shipunov has written a book Charismatic Public Speaking. Why do I recommend reading it?

First, because I personally know Sergey Shipunov. He began as simply a participant in one of my training sessions. But he was one of the most vivid, bright, and interesting, and thus, one of my most courageous, responsible, and diligent students, and then…That was long time ago.

I watched with admiration as Sergey superseded one, then another, moving forward nicely and firm. He became a business instructor of rhetoric—one of the best in Russia. He created his own company called “University of Rhetoric and The Art of Oratory” which is successful and also one of the best in quality.

And now Sergey has written a book—and an excellent one. It is true because I picked it up, opened it, and understood that it was great immediately. The book’s content is dense and smart, and its design is carefully chosen and of extremely good quality. I really envied Sergey—my books had never been published so nicely.

More than 200 illustrations, more than 20 intelligence-cards, more than 40 exercises, over 100 methods, more than 30 parameters included—all of those parts constitute the formula of oratorical skill.

The topics of the book are very comprehensive: alleviation of stage fright, eye contact, working with one’s voice, taking pauses, struggling with expletives, the use of questions, gestures, public speaking, acting techniques, debate, storytelling, small talk technology, reading text, saying toasts… everything that is so useful, you will find in this book.

If you have to speak in public and you plan to improve your skills as a public speaker, this book is worth buying.

When Sergey presented me with the book, he signed it “To Nikolai Ivanovich. With gratitude to the Master from whom I was fortunate to learn a lot.”

Sergey, good luck! Keep it up!

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