Training Course: “Charismatic Public Speaking”

Sergey Shipunov is the author of a ten-day-long training course “Charismatic Public Speaking.” It is the basic course of training at the University of Rhetoric and the Art of Oratory (Moscow).

Charismatic Public Speaking is a textbook for the 1st and 2nd Levels of the training course under the same title.

The training course consists of 5 levels:

Level 1: Verbal Improvisation

The training at this level is aimed at HOW to speak:

  • Eliminate the fear of public speaking;
  • Ensure your speech is impressive, interesting, exciting, and lively;
  • Learn over 30 elements of public speaking.


Level 2: Video Training on “Working in Different Genres”

Polish HOW you speak and integrate new techniques in your speech:

  • Learn approximately 10 more elements of public speaking;
  • Prepare speeches in genres of “Convincing speech,” “Storytelling,” “Making Toasts,” etc.
  • Videotape the speeches.

Level 3: Effective Presentation

The training at this level is aimed at WHAT to say:

  • Ensure that your speech is informative, meaningful, and well-structured;
  • Learn to expertly plan a speech;
  • Study over 15 templates to make your presentation more effective


Level 4: Visual Presentation (Infographics)

Learn to visualize your ideas through the slides in PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Learn to make smart, “talking” slides;
  • Learn to show various numbers in the forms of graphs and diagrams;
  • Learn to optimize the slides according to the laws of informational graphics.

Level 5: Championship in Public Speaking

Exploit your new skills, integrating them into your public speaking:

  • Polish your public speaking skills by participating in various competitions;
  • Help your charisma make a big leap in its development;
  • Get a very objective assessment of your skill level in public speaking.


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